Thank you for supporting our products. Adult scooters, kids' scooters,freestyle scooters and electric scooters for getting around town. Carry the scooter with handles facing the floor, it's easier. You are quite right. The height the hand bars raise to make it extremely comfortable and stable for me at 5ft 10. Fantastic bit of kit. Buy Oxelo Town-5-Grey-Xl Adult Scooter, XL (Grey) online at low price in India on it’s super-high quality. Once I saw got stock, straight away place the order. 1 x Motor drive device with bracket and small pulley 2. MAJ Nouvelle Version V2! If you want to get around town in a different way, take your kids to school, or just enjoy the feeling of gliding along, take a look at our adult scooters, folding scooters and big wheel adult scooters. Explore the city in a whole new way with Oxelo, Decathlon's urban boardsports brand ! Recently Karen, her husband Phil, and I met to perform rolling resistance tests on three 12-inch pneumatic-tire scooters, including a very high-end Czech scooter. I recently picked up an Oxelo Town 9 EF V2 for scooting between work and the city. The white pain is really great, it looks like the powder-coated type of paint rather than a wet-spray. The suspension works really well at damping the bumps and seems to stop the the front wheel from skipping out, which I found happens on other scooter without front suspension. To be clear, the product recall only applies to Oxelo TOWN 9 EF models produced before week 26/2016. How people claim to have worn out wheels and say it rattles whenever it moves makes no sense to me. Several components contribute to this and the combination works well so you don't feel any vibration on your hands at all. The ABEC 7 bearings are very high quality and, by making it easier for you to push yourself along, limit fatigue. Your location: The break on the handlebar is fab, the rear brake is great too. Comment ça marche ? :). The foot brake works fine when it’s raining. You can REALLY see and feel the fantastic quality of the whole scooter. Effacer les filtres fermer. Thank you for taking the time to pen down your reviews! there are no unpainted patches and it looks like a multi-layer high quality job. Yoga Mats…, Punching Bags, Tables…, Coolers, But it’s perfect! But it does not fare as well as the Xootr. I will change the review. Well used, plenty of life left. We have equipped this adult scooter with large 200 mm HIGH BOUNCE PU rubber wheels for high-performance scootering. We took into Decathlon to fix and they tightened up some things and was ok for another 5kms or so and now it's doing the same thing. Oxelo scooters and in particular this Town 9 EF get a 5 star rating from Toyrider! Are Maxi Micro Scooters Worth Their Expensive Price Tag? Oxelo white Town 9 foldable Adult Scooter bell front back breaks. From France. Rocky Clay. Probably the finest part of the Town 9 design. Az Oxelo Town 9 roller alkalmas-e hosszabb városi közlekedésre (>2 5 km)? Always been kept indoor. Fitness…, Men Sale, Jackets, 6 sold. Last one. And unfold them in one second! Fleeces…, Pants, The weight of a small bag of groceries does not seem to affect the front-loading balance of the scooter. It is a joy to ride and it feels like it just keeps going for ever on smooth surfaces after a couple of kicks. Kolobežka pre dospelých Town 9 je tiež vybavená zvončekom na signalizáciu v meste. Gloves…, Clothing, Oxelo Town 9 Easyfold Kick Scooter. It will be with big pleasure that we will welcome you ! We wish you and your family well during this uncertain times! We recommend checking your scooter before and after each ride to ensure that there is no abnormal play and no cracks or sharp edges. Boots…, Snowboards, FirstBIKE Balance Bikes - Award Winning Toddler Strider Bike, The Mid-Priced Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike Is A Good Buy, Strider 12 Pro Is The Only All Aluminum Lightweight Balance Bike, Balance Bikes Guide - when choosing the best balance bike, The Highly Recommended Mini Micro Kick Scooter For Toddlers, Best Quality Adult Kick Scooter? Went out for a scooter ride around my little island and it was awesome. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Example: San Francisco, CA or 94101. Oxelo make a neat child platform which sticks to the front of the deck with heavy-duty velcro. Este es el patinete clásico para adultos de alta gama de Decatlon. They will need to determine if it can be fixed and if not, if you are still entitled for a replacement products. Firstly, the deep ribbing in the handlebar grips absorb fine vibrations. Lights…, Tires, Discover the Oxelo scooters range: Adult scooters, kids' scooters, freestyle scooters and electric scooters for getting around town. It's a shame. Manufacturing date in June 2020. Use it much like a bicycle front brake and you’ll get the idea. Hi Jose, glad you enjoyed the review! menu. My question is this - are there any wheels that you're aware of that could be fitted to this scooter that would improve its performance on wet pavements? I'm 46, go to gym, like looking after myself, you wouldn't think I'd be on a scooter lol. That is certainly true. Tous les sports Rechercher. We Take A Look! Very shiny and quite metallic looking, especially when it’s in the sun and it’s shimmering slightly. Couldn't be bothered selling it so went out with my daughter on it, she was on her bike. ABEC 7 bearings. Lanterns…, Down Jackets, We've designed this scooter for your daily urban outings (up to 5km). These clips are mounted on the handlebar stem below the top cross-bar and are used to stow away the handlebars when you fold them down for storage. Thanks to the shape of the handles, which limits pressure on your hands. Simply stand opposite your scooter with the frame straight in front of you and press the pedal, and your Town 9 is folded in less time than it took you to read these instructions. Leggings…, Hiking Boots, Thanks @Slim. I love details and the handlebar storage clips are another indicator of the high quality manufacture of this adult kick scooter. To finish, if you are stowing the scooter away in the trunk of a car then you might need to fold down the handlebars, but that will not always be necessary. It’s super quick and easy. My model was made after the recall dates and I don't have any issues with the frame. They are not off-the-shelf grips and have been ergonomically designed for this kick scooter. Bought the Town 9 to use on and off the tube around London. Thank you for the comment and information. Yes I totally agree that this is a great kick scooter. Explore the city in a whole new way with Oxelo, Decathlon's urban boardsports brand! Shirts…, Pants, Fun for both parent and child I think this is a great accessory that I haven’t seen anywhere else. That’s not a problem for my use. I am sell £100. Obviously the 200mm wheels are great for commuting as it takes less kicks to go further on larger wheels. Women's Tops…, Men's Jackets, Snow Shoes, Grips…, Ice Axes, Crampons, Helmets, The handlebar stem is adjustable and is incredibly rigid. Hi folks. Great review! The rear end then swings up and clips into place with a sprung clip located on the handlebar stem. Another neat idea from the French designers to keep their clothes clean on their commute to work. It is super easy to fold quickly and take on the bus and it runs very smoothly on the road even past smaller cracks and bumps. Only bad side it's very noisy but once you work out where its coming from easy enough to tape up the noise. Men Sale…, City Biking, Last but not least, the handlebar is slightly forward for better steering control. I’m a ‘mature’ owner on the weight limit of the scooter and been riding it for several months. Warranty: 2 years excluding wear-and-tear parts (wheels, bearings, brake, grip, and handles). *CORRECCIÓN: El peso son 7,4 kg, no 4,7 kg* Hoy os traigo la review del Oxelo Town 9 V2. Oxelo say that the rear axle bearing is mounted in a shock absorbing material. It sat in it's nice bag I also bought for about three weeks, considered Ebay. I saw that in the beginning from this page you said: "The French are rather protectionist about their manufacturing so it's unlikely that the Oxelo scooters will be made in China anytime soon" However I found a Oxelo scooter was made in China and the scooter looks exactly the same. The wheels have zero grip and I've nearly come a cropper a couple of times. delivers high-quality cost-effective products. Cycling, I haven’t has any trouble with this. Here in London they cost £8 - about $10, and they're probably slightly cheaper in continental Europe. Several components contribute to this and the combination works well so you don't feel any vibration on your hands at all. Options. Ice Skating…, Kids Bikes, With this said, I need to warn everyone that Decathlon has issued a recall on the Town 9 due to a faulty handlebar. A really comfortable ride and you can cover distances really quickly. I guess that's going to happen with all kick scooters unless you choose one with air-tires. Prise en main de l'Oxelo Town 9 EF V1, Trottinette Adulte. Details about Oxelo adult scooter town 9 See original listing. I had to hold the strap out of the way when using the front foot-button to fold the scooter. Socks…, Locks, We look forward to seeing you again soon and hope you can continue to have fun with our products. Next, the stiff suspension inside the base of the steering stem absorbs road bumps and finally the rear axle shock absorbing bearing housing material absorbs rear wheel vibration. Motor specification. in any case, Oxelo have covered that part with a rather fetching rubber spring cover which looks like it’s intended to keep water and dirt out of the suspension mechanism. Then the day after I bought it lockdown, oh dear. 4:43. Overall It’s great quality packaging and well worth keeping hold of if you ever need to sell the scooter on eBay. Strangely enough most electric scooters seem to have these tires already fitted. You learn quickly that the hand brake is no use in the rain as it doesn’t get a good enough purchase on the wheel. $389 OXELO Oxeloboard Waveboard - Black/White 4.3 5 23 (23) Available 1 colours. Absolutely love this scooter! It is covered with a nice, thick rubber grip mat from end-to-end. Is It Worth Paying Less For The Stompee Balance Bike? You can comfortably put both feet on there next to each other. Oxelo Town 9 In Use This is one of the smoothest adult scooters I have ridden. They Manufacture in China and design in France but the quality is still very high. They have 55 people there. They're an excellent mode of urban transport (when it's not raining, anyway). Me and my wife bought two town 9 scooters. The TOWN 9 adult scooter also has a bell so that you can make yourself heard. You can repair and extend the lifespan of your scooter with spare parts that can be ordered through your local Decathlon store's Workshop. There is a quick-release lever to unlock the stem to slide it up and down. Selling because got an electric one. The quick-release lever is very strong and it has a vice-like grip on the stem. Yoga & Studio…, Skiing, ... OXELO (226) REVOE (124) ... TROTTINETTE ADULTE TOWN 7 EF V2 GRIS SABLE. Easy folding mechanism. It makes up for it with its sturdy and stable built, as well as it’s secure park-and-lock feature that allows your scooter to be locked to a pole securely without worrying about theft. Hudora 230 Adults Kick Scooters-230MM & 205MM Wheels, 17.7-Inch x 5.5-Inch Reinforced Deck, Easily Fold & Carry, Height Adjustable, Rear Friction Brake By continuing, you agree to Decathlon’s Terms and Privacy Policy. Kids Sale, Bottoms…, Up To 20% Off, offers 1,588 oxelo town 9 kick scooter products. My son (6) rides on the child carrier when I take him to school. I like the Oxelo town 9 because it looks very distinctive and it turns heads as I explain below when I took it out for the first time. Highly recommend! Absolutely, yes without any hesitation. With the Oxelo Town 9 the quality is amazing. Check out Oxelo Town-5-Grey-Xl Adult Scooter, XL (Grey) reviews, ratings, specifications and more at At the top of this extension is a button and a sliding mechanism. The front suspension unit is actually housed inside the bottom of the stem so there is no exposed spring. This scooter is sturdy. Hopefully it will last me for many more years to come. So, a big WASTE OF MONEY at the moment, unusable and this is not a cheap manual scooter. Isothermal Cases…, Headlamps, Base Layers…, Swimsuits, I’lll be carrying the scooter in one hand when folder from now on. Is a good scooter because is easy to use, super easy to fool. So, pretty damn dangerous if you ask me. Details about Oxelo Town 9 Ef Adult Scooter See original listing. Scooter…, Basketball, In urban areas it is the perfect solution to the "last mile problem". Boots…, Boots, We are glad you find them of great use and we are equally pleased to hear that you are using our product almost on a daily basis to commute and fetch your son. I've seen many recommend the micro Tyre wheels as an option; someone mentioned using a single tyre (and the micro website says to use 1 for "other" scooters). I wasn’t sure whether to buy it at first as I’m 5’10 and thought I could be too tall for it even though it says it is suitable for people just over 6 foot. Also the carry strap add a small layer of complexity when folding the scooter. These tests check compliance with the European standards for scooters, as well as looking for wear. Yes! I must say I am astounded at the high price of a carrier in the US. Snowboarding…, Women's Jackets, Mattresses…, Chairs, Stools, Vendez et achetez votre matériel sportif d’occasion ! Remember to check them and change them if necessary. The extra width of the wheels provides more traction and better stability so I like that feature. Oxelo make some of the best kick scooters on the market and the Town 9 EF is one of their best. Again, thank you for the feedback, don't hesitate to come down to one of our store in Singapore soon. Kids' Bikes…, Combat, Sorry to hear you are having problems with your scooter. If you return a product you will receive a refund for the purchase price plus any applicable sales taxes, less any non-refundable charges. My 8 year old son has had a go on it and he loves it and finds it much easier to ride than his standard £15 scooter so I’m waiting for the petrol blue colour to come back in stock so I can buy him one too! Oxelo Town 9 Ef Adult Scooter: Condition: Used. OXELO DECATHLON Pointure 45 occasion. Would give a 5 star but the scooter also rattling quiet loud when riding. I could only suggest you to go to our store for them to find a permanent solution for you. I had my scooter fixed without issue after the product recall. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. I can only assume that these have been fitted is to prevent dust and mud splashing up to your ankles where the front fender would not catch it. Men Sale, Tops…, Women Sale, Jackets, Tights…, Swimsuits, As you can see from the video the packaging is very sturdy, coated cardboard and will protect the scooter during shipping very well. I would recommend that you add some under deck protection if you will be riding over large bumps in the road or going over sidewalk kerbs. Very highly recommend this scooter! Clothing & Shoes…, Down Jackets, Men's Tops…, Kids' Tops, Scooter is great but the front fork is making an extra noice while riding . Playing next. The OXELO New Town 9 Easy Fold in White is a sight to behold. No complaints and genuinely the best adult scooter I’ve owned. We hope they truly are up to your expectations, and certainly that they’re worth the money you spent on them. There is a hole at the top-front of the handlebar and the bottom-front fender to clip the carry strap in. Even though the French are rather protectionist about their manufacturing it's surprising that they are made in China, but don't let that give you any concerns about the build quality which is excellent. Firstly. I ride it for 1.5 km from school to home after drop off every weekday and it is a dream. Always put bars right down and make sure the handle bar end is the orange end of the bag then zip the other end up a bit and push the scooter up against it, then zip it, perfect. The quick-start guide helps with this. We use cookies to improve your Shpock experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. Height: From 1.45m to 1.95 m. 1,499 {4} Is this can be replaced or repaired? It’s really sturdy, super speedy and amazing for your thigh muscles. A great feature and another reason that I do not need to fit the carry strap. The front part of the frame extends a little beyond the front wheel. Do yourself a favour, it's the most fun you'll have for £149, buy it and use it. Folding Bikes…, Jerseys, Add some Skateboard grip-tape strips or something similar to protect the underside from getting scraped. It is easy to fold and carry on the subway. Backpacking Tents…, Sleeping Bags, Some bolts Please Note: You also need to buy controller, accelerator, battery etc, please confirm this first. Fishing…, Archery, Beanies…, Sport Bras, All you need to do is stand in front of the scooter and press the button and push down onto the sliding mechanism with your toe. Ended: 22 Nov, 2020 12:42:32 GMT. Je kolobežka Oxelo Town 9 vhodná na dlhé trasy v meste (od 2 do 5 km)? in terms of distance covered from a single kick.. You can drag it behind you in what they call ‘trolley mode’. The handlebar-operated rear brake is an interesting one, mainly because I found that it only really worked when I was stationary or going very slow. Ended: 01 Nov, 2020 14:18:40 AEDST. Rubber tires work best so for wet roads I would go with an air -filled or solid rubber tire like on the Razor A5 Air here: Oxelo was recently acquired by the large French sports retail group, Decathlon. One caveat is that for some reason, this European kick scooter is very expensive in the USA. I’ve covered an awful lot of miles on my scooter and it still looks like new. It’s got a wide footplate thingy.. you know.. the bit you stand on! 1 x Belt 4. Is the Phase Two The Best Razor Dirt Scooter? I am very happy with it. Women Sale, Tops…, Kids Sale, Tops, With it large 200 mm wheels and double suspension that is why your child will have a more comfortable and smooth ride. Cheaper scooters use those sprung nipple-type clips that are much more difficult to use in a hurry. We are glad you find them of great use and pleased to hear that you are enjoying the product. 0 bids. Really gives it a feminine touch and it’s beautiful. We experienced this only from one scooter other scooter works perfect. I've had a cheaper oxelo scooter previously and the difference in ride comfort is huge! However, the strap needs to fe fed inside the front frame extension otherwise it interferes with the folding mechanism. Worth every penny! You can buy the Oxelo Town 9 EF new Version 2 Adult Kick Scooter here: (Lowest Price: The handlebar stem is so sturdy and rigid that it could probably take quite bit of weight at the front. Another nice feature of the Oxelo Town 9 EF is that you don’t even need to pick it up when its folded. Squash…, Running, Handle bar grips perfect, colour really nice, so easy to fold, use your heel to push the button to fold it's more comfortable. Se potrivește aproape oricui! Decathlon will cover all shipping costs associated with your return except for items excluded from our return policy such as bikes, basketball hoops, snowboards, surfboards, tents, and other larger / heavier items. Carry Strap: I have to mention a few things about the carry strap that’s included. 5 years ago | 150 views. I was using it few times only. In any case, if you need to carry something heavier I guess you could sling messenger back over your shoulder or carry a backpack on your back.